Ostria Whisper ‘in-floor’ electric heating


Beautiful heat...

In fact, it’s the most beautiful heating you never see!



Whisper quiet


No loss of wall space

Minimal floor space




Traditional trench heating is not very affordable, it can be quite expensive for a typical home...which is why we came up with Ostria ‘in-floor’ heating...with virtually zero ongoing costs! Running costs just 39p per hour [on continuously at 26p per kW]


With StepWarm, it has to be quiet, so we came up with...

The Ostria Whisper!


Stepwarm’s Ostria Whisper heaters have a small tangential fan behind a heater matrix (it’s actually quite a soothing gentle waft!). The warmth is gently blown out - convection currents drift the heat out into the room.




Each Ostria heater is 1.5 kilowatts



Easy installation - the cassettes simply in-lay into your floor.

New-builds or refurbishment, even easier!...

Lay the cassette - screed around it!

Grille size is 430mm x 190mm

Depth of unit is 200mm




The most beautiful heating you never see

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So how much?...

If you want to install the heaters yourself (or have your heating technician do it) contact us for the units you require and we’ll price it for you. For a 1.5 kW heater complete, it would be £450.00 each delivered (all inclusive).


If you want us to supply a typical heating ‘system’ (installation service only available in RG, OX, HP, SL, GU, SP, SN postcodes), then a typical price for ten rooms at typically 14 square metres each room would be £6,950. This includes a digital air thermostat in each room so that each room is time and temperature controlled. This assumes a dedicated 240v supply in the rooms, and assumes either a new build or complete renovation project. Please note that for new builds, we have to be in BEFORE your screed is laid, and should be involved before ANY construction (so the ideal time is at the architect stage).


Remember, there are virtually NO ongoing expenses with a StepWarm Ostria system - unlike a gas heating system or a heat pump system! The fans just need brushing out every two years or so (servicing procedure sent by email).





If installing in a new-build, then fitting is very easy. The heating cassettes are laid after your concrete slab has been poured and before your screed is laid. Simply locate a piece of timber the same size as the heating cassette, and screed around it - embedding it into the concrete. When the concrete is dry, the piece of timber is removed and an indentation is left. The in-floor heater cassette sits inside and is adjustable for height.



This depends on the type of flooring. If it is concrete, then a cut-out is made by a concrete cutter for the size and depth of the cassette. If the flooring is timber (on joists), then installation can be planned, but carried out at a late stage in the project. An account of electrical supplies must be made during renovation.



Again, this depends on flooring type. If it is concrete, then a cut-out is made with a concrete cutter for the size and depth of the cassette. If the flooring is timber (on joists), then installation can be made wherever it is most convenient for the joist run. A simple timber cradle can be fabricated to hold the cassette at the correct height for the floor finish.














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An Ostria Whisper unit output is 1.5 kilowatts and costs £450 inc. delivery


Join units together for a bigger overall output